Fancy Foods Show - Fine Foods, Fantastic Frolics,& Foodies Galore

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Come visit us at NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

"Meat-eater: Did you hear about the new study saying vegans are more likely to go blind? I guess it's because you don't get the proper nutrition.

Vegan: Nah, it's just from reading all of those tiny ingredients lists."

Find yummy new ways to cook with Filfil on our new recipes blog. Our latest recipe is one our favorites! Roasted beets, onions, and carrots galore!!


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Mother's Day Gifts Made Easy With Filfil No. 7

Filfil No. 7 is hotter than ever! We just got published by for being a great mother's day gift. Take their advice and get your gift shopping done fast. No need to buy lame flowers when your allergies are already driving you crazy.You can even order our Filfil Twins so you can keep one for yourself!
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